My Dad’s Zyppah Review

sleeping-granddadMy dad and I are from Denver, and he has been using the Zyppah snoring mouth guard for a month now, so I decided to write a zyppah review – some say it doesn’t work, but keep on reading… I’m the one who is writing this because my dad does not really like using computers or the Internet so I decided that I should write a review about it for the both of use. We live together in a simple two-bedroom apartment, so the two of us have separate bedrooms. We have enjoyed every bit of our time in this apartment until I was offered a job to be an online news writer, so I work at home now.

I was glad at first to be always available at home. My dad is already 60 years old—he is a retired professor from a respected university, where he worked for 37 years. But he never really stopped moving and doing other things: he liked to maintain his truck, his vegetable garden, and the house in general. He fixed everything that he saw as broken or wrong: from light bulbs to fences, you name it, he already fixed it. My dad never liked to be timid or passive about anything, so he made ways to make his days active and eventful. That was okay with me, or so I thought.

Whenever he slept, he always snored loudly. I knew about it ever since I was in college, but I never really experienced the snoring horror that much because I stayed and slept at the university dormitory. At night, I usually sleep earlier than my dad because he liked to watch the late night debates on the television channels. I’m a heavy sleeper so I never got to wake up because of the snoring. When I accepted the news writing position and was told that I must be online during the wee hours of the morning, I never had an initial thought about my dad’s snoring. I was only reminded of it on the first night on the news writing job.

It was the worst first-day-at-work experience I have ever had. I could not type words because my mind was complaining from the entire racket. To be honest, I was working in the kitchen, while my dad was asleep in the living room. The late night debate show was on, but I could not even hear the guest’s voice over my dad’s loud snores. I was devastated and frustrated at the same time. The next day, I told my dad about how horrible his snoring was and that he should consult a specialist. He thought about it for a few moments, but agreed to it eventually. The next day, I asked my cousin to accompany my dad to the hospital since I still have to catch up on the articles I needed to write.

Later in the early evening, my cousin and dad came home and told me that the doctor said that he needed to buy a snoring mouth guard. The doctor already recommended a snoring mouth guard by Zyppah so we bought one immediately. After the first night of use, my dad and I were overwhelmed. I never heard a single snore after that, and my dad had more energy in the morning now. At least now he can fix more things in the house more than ever. But kidding aside, Zyppah saved us big time and we can never thank you enough.